The wedding dress is standing, the shoes are worn in and the hairstyle looked enchanting even at the rehearsal – with such a preparation, the bride should be able to face the wedding in a relaxed manner. But wait – what about the wedding jewelry? With all the traditions, customs and proverbs that are around marriage, it can be quite challenging to decide on the jewelry. In order to sort the thought-jumble around the dos and don’ts a little, we have summarized important tips for you.

Of course, the top rule is that the jewelry should match your dress. Therefore, you should only go in search of the perfect bridal jewelry, when the dress is. Is your wedding dress in itself an eye-catcher, then restrained jewelry is recommended. Of course, this applies to decent clothes. Here you can provide with great pieces of jewelry for the necessary glamor.

For chains you should pay attention to the neckline of the dress. To a V-neck chains in the so-called Y-shape fit particularly well. Round, larger necklaces emphasize a strapless dress, while high-necked necklines call for a subtle chain.

Whether you prefer to wear silver or gold jewelry, of course, in addition to the color of the wedding ring is entirely up to personal taste. For the bright white dress looks gold the most elegant, while offers dresses in cream and ivory shades silver.
Thematically fitting you can choose jewelry with heart motif. So you clearly show how much you celebrate love on your big day.

As well-known custom at a wedding is to wear something used, something new, something borrowed and something blue. If there is jewelery in your family that has been worn for generations for generations, it is natural to wear it as something used.
The theme of “blue” is usually solved with a garter or other things that you do not see directly. But how about jewelry with discreet blue accents? These blue pieces of jewelry we find particularly suitable:

Pearl jewelry for the wedding – yes or no?
The subject of pearl jewelry is highly controversial. You can buy pearl jewellery online with price and designs. An old proverb says that every pearl stands for a tear in marriage. Of course we do not want to risk that! Therefore, the bride should rather do without pearl jewelery according to old custom. Breaking with traditions, however, is not a taboo today and anyone who thinks this saying is a superstition may of course resort to a stylish pearl necklace or pearl earring.

You should choose the arm jewelry discreet, because on your hands, the wedding ring should be in focus. Thin chains with little pendants are the first choice if you want to wear bracelets. Of course you can do without it completely. For that, the earrings may be a bit bigger, if your hairstyle allows it. This elegantly frames the face and sets accents. You should then choose a more subtle necklace.


  • Wear jewelry that suits you and your personality. If you like to wear big jewelry in everyday life, why not at the wedding? If you are rather the subtle jewelry type, then stay there and wear jewelry, with which you feel comfortable.
  • Refresh color details of the dress in jewelry. This ensures a perfectly coordinated overall picture that will impress everyone.
  • Also dare something. It’s yours, after all
  • Treat yourself something! In everyday life you are more the type of costume jewelry? If you do not treat yourself to real jewelery for your big day, when?


  • Do not stick to old traditions if you do not believe in them. You want to wear pearls and prove to the world that this does not have to be a bad omen for a marriage? Wear beads!
  • Do not be tempted by family traditions. The family jewelry, which has been worn at the wedding for generations, does not fit with your dress or you simply do not like it? Then you should not wear it! It’s your big day, after all. Tip: Ask if you can make any changes – that’s a good compromise.
  • Combining silver and gold is also taboo, or even more so, at the wedding. Your wedding ring should be the measure of things – adjust your jewelry accordingly.
  • Do not overdo it. Even with wedding jewelry: less is often more!