These sola wood flowers are better and more beautiful than fresh flowers because they play a very important role in the cleaning and fresh atmosphere. They play no negative role when people throw out the rough and bad fresh flowers. These sola wood flowers are eco-friendly because they can stay safe and protected for almost ten years without any doubt. This collection of sola wood roses incorporates English roses, premium roses, cabbage roses in amounts of 6, 12, 25, 50, and 100. In the event that you love roses, this variety is only for you at We love to serve our clients in every way. We can fulfill the demand of our clients because people have a different type of choices according to their occasions.

Uses of sola wood flowers and bouquets:

They are incredible for infant showers, pre-wedding parties, weddings, commemoration parties, and the rundown goes on. Use them in focal points, bundles, cakes, corsages, boutonnieres, photograph outlines, wreaths. The blossoms are free and unattached. These are not crisp blossoms, but rather they are made of delicate, adaptable wood, to be specific the custard tree. Some darker bits of bark might be on a portion of the blossoms due to being produced using the bark of a tree. these flowers never create problem, these are not hard, hand-cut wood blossoms. No way they will ever shrivel. You can utilize them again and again for quite a long time to come.

Shading and coloring of sola wood flowers:

Sola blossoms are light cream in shading and delicate to the touch. You can connect a botanical wire or a bamboo stem to the base of the blossoms to make decorative layouts.

Size-all blossoms are 2 to 2.5 inches or 6cm in the distance across.

Stem-Flower stem sizes are accessible through an extra posting and are 9″, 10′ and 12″. Green and White material stem alternatives accessible.


We are sending and delivering our orders in a very short time. Because we know that people love to get these flowers on time, our Shipment reaches in 3-5 days on the off chance that you might want the blossoms hued please select starting from the drop box.

What number of wood blossoms do you require for a wedding bundle?

This inquiry will be founded on a touch of the size blossoms you get, and the style bundle you need; however, to begin here is the thing that we propose:

Different bundles and packages:

Little bundle – 30 sola roses in 2″ sizes

Medium bundle 27 sola wood rose running in 2-3″ sizes

Huge bunch (around 12″ in outline) – 48 wood blossoms going in 2-3″ sizes

We do recommend purchasing a couple of extras, particularly on the off chance that you are new to coloring the blossoms so you can rehearse a piece and locate the ideal shading for your uncommon day!

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