If you are a yacht owner and need to sell it, you may want to consider finding the right partner to facilitate the process. Not everyone is a natural-born sales person, and for this reason, many people choose to work with custom brokers when they need to sell their yacht. Brokers want to have your boat sold just the same way you do, and this is the most significant advantage of this relationship.

Additionally, you can save more time, provided that brokers complete most of the work, including things such as pricing, advertising, and yacht listing. When your boat is listed, you will stand a greater chance of selling your boat. You cannot compare the power of using a broker to posting your yacht on Facebook or any social platform with a “For Sale” sign. It is especially true when you have a larger boat with a relatively smaller pool of potential buyers.

The question is, how do you find a custom brokerage yacht sales specialist to help negotiate your deal? Do you pick on any you come across on Google’s first page? Well, the following are essential tips to get you started.

Where to Look

For seasoned skippers, finding local knowledge is easy while cruising. Similarly, this statement applies when looking for a pro-yacht broker. Head over to the marinas and boatyards to dig for possible leads. Ensure to get recommendations from your contacts for best brokers in your location.

Additionally, you can use professional organizations such as the Yacht Brokers Association of America as an excellent resource as it is tasked with certifying its members. This method is unique as you can find certified brokers who have taken various qualification exams and vowed to abide by the code of ethics. Furthermore, they understand that violation of this code can result in revocation of their certificates and membership.

What to Look For

You need to find an experienced broker who has vast knowledge in the type of yacht you own and how unique it is on the market. Such a broker is well versed with your needs and knows how exactly to help you. An experienced broker understands what your boat can sell for.

A broker is tasked with pricing your boat correctly. However, an expert professional can help find an asking price attractive to buyers while ensuring you get full value for it. When you need to determine the broker’s experience, conduct your research on their professional history and type of firm they have. Cold call some of their best prospects and find out the kind of service they provided on their listings.

Explore Extras

You need to be keen on any additional services the choice brokerage firm offers. For instance, a good brokerage firm will create a good video and photo gallery for your boat and upload then online for buyers to have a good look. This way, you get to sell your boat quickly.

Additionally, when searching for a good broker, inquire about the methods they will use to advertise your boat. Great yacht brokers combine print, digital, and social media platforms. They can also use international advertising especially when you have a high-end vessel for global outreach.

Price of Brokerage

Inquire how much the brokerage firm will charge for the services rendered. In most cases, many brokers agree to take a commission from the overall selling price once the boat is sold. Ordinary yacht attracts a 10% commission, the industry standard. However, when you have a high-end boat, you can reach an agreement through negotiation. These are the few but sure ways to find the right brokerage firm for your yacht. Finding the right broker will be easy when you follow these tips. Go online and find more additional resources to get you started.