There are a lot of things that add up to the identity of a place and offers some unforgettable memories to any individual. Cakes are one of the food items that are too hard to be resisted by people but often vegetarians are unable to get the taste of this delightful food item. If you are having a sweet tooth and can’t resist the temptation of a sweet food item such as chocolate, cake or cookies, you need to visit Mumbai to enjoy some of the best eggless cake flavours. Take a quick look below:

Eggless Mango Muffins-

This eggless cupcake or muffins can instantly pull the people towards it due to its extraordinary taste. It is made from mangoes, whole wheat flour along with condensed milk. This delicious cupcake is a wonderful choice for people who want to enjoy a perfect muffin with the goodness of mangoes and can be easily ordered to your doorstep through the online cake delivery in Mumbai to help you enjoy an extraordinary taste.


Eggless Fruit Cake-

Fruit lovers around the world are surely going to love this eggless fruit cake and it can be a wonderful cake for the auspicious occasion of Christmas. The amazing cake can be easily prepared without the use of butter and added sugar as condensed milk is added as an ingredient. You can further add glazed cherries, raisins, dry fig and tutti frutti or any other fruits for the desired flavour. It can be easily prepared at your home or you can also order cake online through any bakery stores in Mumbai in an effortless manner.

Eggless Banana Chocolate Cake-

If you want to enjoy an extraordinary eggless cake with a soft, moist, spongy and a superb texture, you need to order this Eggless cake without any doubt. Further, by using sweetened condensed milk in the preparation, you can easily get a lovely texture and taste for your cake without any need to beat the sugar in the cake mixture. It is one of the best cakes in Mumbai that can be sprinkled with sugar and cream to give it a more crunchier and spongy look. If you are too conscious about fat in the cake, replace the butter with oil during the preparation process.

So, try out baking these extraordinary eggless cakes at your home or you can simply enjoy their fantastic taste through any reliable online cake delivery in Mumbai.