Use of stamps to put a seal on critical reports to render them particular confirmation or endorsement or arrange a specific paper has been in presence for a long while. These stamps require an ink pad to be pressed on them to assemble ink on it before putting the seal on the paper where it is required. Recently, iStamp pre-inked stamps have supplanted the two piece set of stamp and ink pad and they have turned out to be broadly well known for their tidiness and predominant print quality. These stamps can be utilized on any surface and being water safe they can improve recognizable proof on every single individual thing, mechanical hardware and photography and so on.

As these stamps have ink in them, there is no requirement to be dependent on ink pads. These stamps dependably leave a fresh and immaculate impression at whatever point they are utilized. The rubber die attached to the stamp conveys a particular amount of ink in it, and at whatever point it is squeezed against the surface where it is should have been utilized, the ink overflows out leaving the required impression. Regularly utilized stamps like A/c payee just, season’s greetings, thank you and please visit again and so on help make an ideal impact on the clients, and they additionally help diminish manual work. These stamps are accessible in various sizes relying upon the necessity.


Difference between pre-inked and self inking stamps.

The primary contrast, without getting specialized, is the nature of the impression and to what extent the stamp endures between re-inkings. Both are refillable and come in many hues. Self-inkers are made of water-based ink and pre-inked stamps are made of oil-based ink. Pre-Inked stamps are top quality and give a strong, fresh impression while self-inkers offer a decent impression at a sparing cost. Both of these styles are not suggested for gleaming surfaces since they will spread.

Self-inking stamps flip up, hit an ink pad and flip down. They are useful for 7,000+ impressions and can be re-inked. Pre-inked stamps have the ink formed directly into the wording. Pre-inked stamps are useful for 50,000+ impressions and can be re-inked. The finest example of self inking stamps is signature heavy duty stamps.


Types of Pre-ink stamps:

  • Signature stamps.
  • Heavy duty stamps.
  • Notary Stamps.
  • Address stamps.



Pre-inked stamps are the most elevated quality stamps available today. They convey the best clearness of impression, and furthermore the longest use before reinking. Despite the fact that they are evaluated higher than different sorts of stamps, because of their life span, they likewise give the best estimation of cost-per-impression premise.