Strapless dresses can look stunning; however, keeping them in place can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at how to keep them where they should be for the entire event.

Start at the beginning

It goes without saying that you should always try on a strapless prom dress before you buy. Make sure that it fits exactly as it should around the bust area – a good test is to put your arms above your head and bend over to make sure everything stays in place! Check for slippage as much as possible before you purchase, and test it for comfort. Boned prom dresses should always be tested in such a way.

Top tips

Choose a bodice with boning if you can, as these offer great support. Boning is an intricate process, so check none are working their way through the material. The result of this could be some painful jabs when you want them least!

If your dress has no beading or layers, put another skirt underneath it to build up that extra fabric against the skin. For a great selection of styles, check out fashion brands such as

For that extra peace of mind, use a silicone rubber band or a strip of fashion tape in the dress’s top seam. This will create extra resistance and pretty much ensure your dress stays put!

Make sure you wear a bra, as not only will this add more shape to the bodice but also it will ensure your dress fabric has something to hold onto. You can also use safety pins to tack your dress to your bra.

The bra

The question we now need to answer is what sort of bra you should wear with your strapless dress. Here is our advice:

– Underwired strapless bras help to keep your dress in position.
– Stick-on bras have the same effect and provide great support.
– Built-in and sewn-in bra cups provide a bra-like effect without having to wear one.
– You don’t have to hide the fact that you are wearing a bra; instead, you can make it part of your outfit.
– Bralets are pretty and delicate.
– Go for the lace effect with a feminine bandeau.

Follow these tips and your strapless prom dress will attract attention for all the right reasons.